Renewal of membership fees

membership fees

The membership fees can be paid by March of the year of renewal, at the Secretariat in Via Folco Portinari 11, Florence (in cash or check), or by bank transferto: Società San Giovanni Battista Odv at
Intesasanpalo IBAN: IT06 N030 6902 8871 0000 0000 917

Please send a copy of the slip by email to

The fees are as follows:

Ordinary Member

euro 100,00

Supporting Member

euro 100,00+200,00

Meritorious Member donation

euro 100+400,00

Young Member donation

(up to 27 years) € 25.00


I have not paid the membership fee for one year, what should I do?

If I no longer want to be a Member, what should I do?
To cease to be a Member, you must send written notice, by traditional mail or email. If the fee is not renewed for 2 consecutive years, automatic cancellation will take place.

Non ho corrisposto la quota associativa per un anno, cosa devo fare?

It is possible to pay two dues in the same year to catch up.